How Ryan Diess Makes His Videos

Having working in radio & television in the early 80’s & 90’s, I love how easy it has gotten to make videos, and especially the equipment required with the use of smartphones.

Today, allow me to introduce you to a master marketer, Ryan Diess. Learn how Ryan makes his video => go here!

You will find that if you can produce the content, the tools make it easier than ever to produce such content.

When you need help on writing or producing the content, please let me know. I can walk you through the elements of the best message. Email me – for 30 minutes free by phone, skype or facetime.

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Perplex Released to Plexus

Today marks about two weeks into a product that my goal would be to see it reduce my A1C or lowering my blood sugar.  The product was originally designed for this purpose with the use of Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA).  It is one of those good fatty acids that are produced in every one of our cells.  One of its main functions is to help convert glucose (blood sugar) into energy.

ALA is said to also provide general benefits as an antioxidant and helps with the following other conditions:  Hypertention (High Blood Pressure), Coronary Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, Diabetes (improving glucose metabolism and helping diabetics utilize insulin better), and other stuff which we will talk about some other time.

I am building another website to deal with the help with diabetics.  It has not been started but will be at:

To learn more about the Plexus product to increase ALA, and to help with lowering your blood sugar, go to .  The product is Plexus Slim.

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New Places. New Things.

Life is full of changes. Today I saw my second granddaughter come home from hospital after working hard for seven weeks to get to this point in life in the NICU. Her parents, Karissa and Matt were thrilled and emotional about bringing their daughter home for the first time. I am very happy for them.

Secondly, I decided to pursue a product that may help me with a blood sugar issue that I have, along with millions of others. My A1C is too high, and I take two medications to try and control it. The problem for me is that I have been taking them for quite a while, and my condition continues to decline. This condition is diabetes.

Many have it, but my high A1C is my issue. I am trying to get this issue under control, but I have needed help, but not more medication. I have sampled a product recently that was originally designed to reduce blood sugars in the body, and most would know it as perhaps a weight loss product. Yes, I could stand to lose 20 lbs., but the other issue is of greater concern.

Today, I start my journey for regulated and normal blood sugar numbers, or below 6.0, if you know what I am talking about. If you know what I am talking about in this issue, will you track with me?

If you would like to know what I am doing, simply follow this link to lower your A1C, but to track my progress, stick with me here as well.


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Where Has The Time Gone?

by Rick

Stopped in for a quick visit to my personal blog and discovered that it has been over two years since I wrote something. Wow! Time to move forward!

It was about this time two years ago that I was investigating a position with TRAK-1.  In August of 2013, I accepted a position with them, and the busi-ness of life took a different pace to take my skill set to a new market.  Check out TRAK-1!

It’s all good!

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Hello and Welcome to My World!

Great to have you stop by for a quick read before moving along on your journey!

This blog was started a while back, but I have started all over, cleaned it up a bit, and now onto the next phase of my legendary story!  I hope you enjoy the read.

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