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Hi, and Welcome!  Thanks for visiting my personal blog site.  I am passionate about strategy impact!  I love finding YOUR end-game then reaching for it WITH YOU!  This goes for your company or you as an individual.

I asked a business friend recently to state how he sees the value I bring to the marketplace, and people trying to grow their business, and he said,

“Rick, you help small business owners make money through creative and customized marketing strategies and lead generation.”  

Yep, that’s a part of what I do!  I love small business and their owners.  Most are great at what they do, however, they struggle with taking their products or services to market.  They know that they need to get something sold to get paid, so they sell-sell-sell!  Tough to do that these days without “softening the sales ground” before trying to pound it with your feet or phone.  That is where marketing is needed!

“Rick has helped me in my job transition, along with OJTTulsa volunteers by encouraging, equipping and energizing me each week to find my next job!  Amazing experience!”

Struggling to get qualified leads from marketing, or keeping customers after the initial sale is made?  Let me show you how!  Look me up on LinkedIN today, or Email me at rick@rickcoltman.com, and make growth be your ONE Thing this year!

I look forward to your contact!

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  1. Ron Coltman says:

    Nice page!

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