OJT: WHOM DO YOU SEEK? A Launch Pad Highlight

Julia Holman:

She took the Launch Pad confidently, and expressed herself clearly!  When interviewed about one of her accomplishments, she stepped right into a story on her project management skills to solve a specific, urgent and almost impossible request.  Her result was over the top in solving a critical business inventory and delivery issue in manufacturing.  But it was just a taste of what she has accomplished!

Julia is also a highly skilled seamstress because of her background in theatre and has owned a very highly specialized seamstress business.  This speaks to her entrepreneurial prowess and go-getter attitude.  This makes sense to me … she is highly articulate, great on leadership and get it done attitude, and can drive business.

Several ways to employ Julia’s skills:

  •  Product/ Service Spokesperson – allow her to bring her presentation skills to your tradeshow, and WOW your audience.   She would do a fantastic job!
  • Project Manager – she knows how to lead a team, and bring order to your chaos.  Her administrative skills will impress you!
  • Self-starter – she knows how to take a project from start to finish!

To reach Julia Holman, and to see her resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com

To learn more about OJT Tulsa, go to=>  OJTTulsa.org  Find 40-50 highly qualified Tulsa professionals are transitioning in their work, and how you can take advantage of their skill sets for your business.  Look for another OJT Highlight on my blog each week!

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