Do You Like Going To The Doctor?

You woke today with a bad head cold, and a terrible sore throat. Not a good way to start the day!

Day 2: Your head is worse, and so is your throat. Your thoughts unfocused because of what you took last night, but no relief. Perhaps, you think, you need something stronger.

End of the Day Dilemna: Should you go to an Urgent Care facility, to sit in a waiting room for a couple hours with other sick people, whom you know nothing about what they have, to just be seen by a doctor. You feel horrible!

You finally get called, and you are usher you to a private room to wait, yet another hour, for the nurse, and then the doctor to step through the door. They take five minutes or less to diagnose that you have a bad sore throat and strep. They write you a prescription, and send you home.

One problem still comes to mind. You don’t feel any better than you did many hours ago, but relief appears to be in sight. However, now you are off to the pharmacy to fill the order. How long will this take?

Pretty common scenario for most. It’s no wonder we wait so long to go see someone about how we feel. If possible, would there be a way to change this scenario?  And being presented an option, would have taken it?

Leave me a comment, and I will tell you how.

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