IRS Finds Identity Theft Very Taxing

The Reported Breach

It’s now been two weeks since the IRS came out with a report that the breach to 700,000 tax return records was doubled than they first suspected. Although first discovered in May 2015, those hackers are eleven months into destroying the lives of very innocent people.  In addition, these hackers also made attempts to access over 600,000 IRS records on private information for taxpayers.  I hope you were not a victim, yet!

After The Fact

You should be happy to know that the IRS is providing identity theft protection to those people, AFTER THE FACT. (Oops, to late to protect you, but if you needed identity protection, they are providing it for you.)  The suspected Russian hackers will seek those with the best credit, and greatest opportunity for a return-on-hacking-investment.

Not IF, But When

After working for background screening for a few years, I can say that most people do not know how close they are to having their identity stolen, and that just starts the nightmare. It’s only a matter of “when,” not “if,” your identity will be breached.  You are feeling quite safe right now, right?

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