Finding Clarity in One Purpose

Recently, I have enjoyed reading a great book on clarity in your one purpose.  Author Gary Keller (of the Keller Williams Real Estate fame) has brought solid purpose for me in his recent book, The ONE Thing.

I need to train myself for specific daily actions in doing the right things, really the one thing, that will make a long term difference for me.  It takes selected discipline.  In fact, Keller cites that it takes 66 days of consistent action on something for it to become a new habit, destroying the 21-day myth.

However, it is about deciding what is the right habit before trying to acquire it.  The struggle in forming new habits is the front-end stress to keep pressing forward until the stress is gone.  Will the stress relief come at day 21 (perhaps not), day 41, day 56 or wait until day 66?  The bigger question is will you commit to persevering in pain or not to reach the end?

66 Day Challenge

Over two months of consistent action, can it be done?  Keller encouraged me that it can be done ONE day at a time, focusing on the ONE Thing each day.  Here’s just a tip from Mr. Keller (only because we have never met, and I have come to respect his real estate work, another book he had wrote previously, the book.)

Tip:  Get to the most important ONE Thing done EARLY in your work each day, no matter how long it takes!

Gary Keller’s challenge question:  Ask you yourself, “What’s the ONE Thing I can do today such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

More later on this . . . please visit again!

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