OJTTulsa.org – WHOM DO YOU SEEK?  A LaunchPad Highlight

Carissa Lopez, MBA:

This talented, rising marketing star strength lies in assisting that C-Suite professional who needs an executive assistant at the highest level.  Carissa will clone you, without you lifting a finger, to give you the presence of your company, plus execute on your commitments with deep passion and a get-it-done attitude– all to make you look the best!

She carries a very strong presence in her presentation style and communication.  She brings superior intelligence plus gives you her “secret weapon” in intelligence data mining and research.  Knowledge is power, and power that you can employ for your executive presence and EQ.

Several Ways to Employ Carissa’s Key Strengths:

♦  Data Mining – she knows how to find your audiences, target markets and future customers with your secret weapon in data intelligence.

♦  Executive presence – she know how to carry herself for your benefit.  She is pro-active in her approach.

♦  Superior Knowledge and Practice – she brings multiple experiences, education and a very strong education in marketing, business development and branding.

To reach Carissa Lopez, and to see her resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com, and I will send it to you.

  •  Hurry Up!  Carissa may have two job offers already.  If you are struggling for an executive assistant to make you shine, do not hesitate to contact me.


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