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WHOM DO YOU SEEK?  An OJT LaunchPad Highlight

Thomas Bradford Discover the experienced and creative design of this Tulsa based problem solver where pictures do speak a thousand words.  Is your objective to create a campaign that delivers a clear, clean, concise, and compelling message that gets remembered?  … Continue reading

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WHOM DO YOU SEEK? An OJT Launch Pad Highlight

Vic Bailey An OJT colleague stated at our last meeting, if you wanted to know a guy from Tulsa that was very well connected in the business community, it was Vic Bailey! Vic brings the ability to build and sustain … Continue reading

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Carissa Lopez, MBA: This talented, rising marketing star strength lies in assisting that C-Suite professional who needs an executive assistant at the highest level.  Carissa will clone you, without you lifting a finger, to give you the presence of your … Continue reading

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OJT: WHOM DO YOU SEEK? A Launch Pad Highlight

Julia Holman: She took the Launch Pad confidently, and expressed herself clearly!  When interviewed about one of her accomplishments, she stepped right into a story on her project management skills to solve a specific, urgent and almost impossible request.  Her … Continue reading

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Your Database:  Gold Brick or Gold Bar?

Residing deep inside your customer database are these groups of customers, prospects, and people who were added for a whole variety of reasons.  You might use your database or more affectionately known as your CRM, to look up contact name … Continue reading

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New Launch – New Direction

If you are here, it is because you were redirected from or, and for very good reasons! Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new direction in my personal work toward driving and growing other … Continue reading

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Do You Like Going To The Doctor?

You woke today with a bad head cold, and a terrible sore throat. Not a good way to start the day! Day 2: Your head is worse, and so is your throat. Your thoughts unfocused because of what you took … Continue reading

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Craving Trust – Even at Work

Often, I hear in the marketplace that people still do business with those they know, like, and trust.  You’ve experienced it, but can you explain it?  You meet someone at a business event, a restaurant, or even on LinkedIN, and … Continue reading

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IRS Finds Identity Theft Very Taxing

The Reported Breach It’s now been two weeks since the IRS came out with a report that the breach to 700,000 tax return records was doubled than they first suspected. Although first discovered in May 2015, those hackers are eleven … Continue reading

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Finding Clarity in One Purpose

Recently, I have enjoyed reading a great book on clarity in your one purpose.  Author Gary Keller (of the Keller Williams Real Estate fame) has brought solid purpose for me in his recent book, The ONE Thing. I need to … Continue reading

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