WHOM DO YOU SEEK?  An OJT LaunchPad Highlight

Thomas Bradford

Discover the experienced and creative design of this Tulsa based problem solver where pictures do speak a thousand words.  Is your objective to create a campaign that delivers a clear, clean, concise, and compelling message that gets remembered?  Take notice of the work of Thomas Bradford.

Thomas’ project management experience coordinates needed vendors and colleagues to deliver your message on time and on budget.

Key Highlights for Thomas Bradford

  • Accomplished portfolio as a Graphic Designer and Art Director
  • Conceived and produced client-selected projects for Under Armour, Remington and Selco
  • Designed and automated a manufacturing process
  • Innovative and creative problem-solver


To reach Thomas Bradford, and to see his resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com, and I will send it to you.

To learn more about OJT Tulsa, go to =>  OJTTulsa.orgFind 40-60 highly qualified Tulsa professionals who are transitioning in their work.  1-2 participants jump on the LaunchPad to highlight who they are and what they are looking for in their next work.  The collective (highly skilled volunteers and participants) provide them with fast-track tools for their journey.


Find whom you seek each week with the skill sets for your business!  Go to OJTTulsa.org for dates, times, locations and strong local presenters!


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WHOM DO YOU SEEK? An OJT Launch Pad Highlight

Vic Bailey

An OJT colleague stated at our last meeting, if you wanted to know a guy from Tulsa that was very well connected in the business community, it was Vic Bailey!

Vic brings the ability to build and sustain long last strategic relationships and connections for your business.

Vic is not shy in calling himself a salesman in media communication, having lead dynamic teams of sales teams in various media entities, and sustained numerous ownership changes as is common in the industry.  They always knew where to call and counted on Vic to get the job done.  A seasoned professional with a strong customer service and sales bent.

Key Highlights for Vic Bailey

  • Proven Strategic Account Development
  • Strong Relationship and Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building Expertise
  • Proven Sales Track Record

To reach Vic Bailey, and to see his resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com, and I will send it to you.

To learn more about  OJT Tulsa, go to =>  OJTTulsa.orgFind 40-60 highly qualified Tulsa professionals who are transitioning in their work.  1-2 participants jump on the LaunchPad to highlight who they are and what they are looking for in their next work.  The collective (highly skilled volunteers and participants) provide them with fast-track tools for their journey.


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OJTTulsa.org – WHOM DO YOU SEEK?  A LaunchPad Highlight

Carissa Lopez, MBA:

This talented, rising marketing star strength lies in assisting that C-Suite professional who needs an executive assistant at the highest level.  Carissa will clone you, without you lifting a finger, to give you the presence of your company, plus execute on your commitments with deep passion and a get-it-done attitude– all to make you look the best!

She carries a very strong presence in her presentation style and communication.  She brings superior intelligence plus gives you her “secret weapon” in intelligence data mining and research.  Knowledge is power, and power that you can employ for your executive presence and EQ.

Several Ways to Employ Carissa’s Key Strengths:

♦  Data Mining – she knows how to find your audiences, target markets and future customers with your secret weapon in data intelligence.

♦  Executive presence – she know how to carry herself for your benefit.  She is pro-active in her approach.

♦  Superior Knowledge and Practice – she brings multiple experiences, education and a very strong education in marketing, business development and branding.

To reach Carissa Lopez, and to see her resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com, and I will send it to you.

  •  Hurry Up!  Carissa may have two job offers already.  If you are struggling for an executive assistant to make you shine, do not hesitate to contact me.


To learn more about  OJT Tulsa, go to =>  OJTTulsa.orgFind 40-60 highly qualified Tulsa professionals who are transitioning in their work.  1-2 participants jump on the LaunchPad to highlight who they are and what they are looking for in their next work.  The collective (highly skilled volunteers and participants) provide them with fast-track tools for their journey.

Join us for free, and find whom you seek each week, with the skill sets for your business.  Look for more OJT Highlights on my blog each week!


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OJT: WHOM DO YOU SEEK? A Launch Pad Highlight

Julia Holman:

She took the Launch Pad confidently, and expressed herself clearly!  When interviewed about one of her accomplishments, she stepped right into a story on her project management skills to solve a specific, urgent and almost impossible request.  Her result was over the top in solving a critical business inventory and delivery issue in manufacturing.  But it was just a taste of what she has accomplished!

Julia is also a highly skilled seamstress because of her background in theatre and has owned a very highly specialized seamstress business.  This speaks to her entrepreneurial prowess and go-getter attitude.  This makes sense to me … she is highly articulate, great on leadership and get it done attitude, and can drive business.

Several ways to employ Julia’s skills:

  •  Product/ Service Spokesperson – allow her to bring her presentation skills to your tradeshow, and WOW your audience.   She would do a fantastic job!
  • Project Manager – she knows how to lead a team, and bring order to your chaos.  Her administrative skills will impress you!
  • Self-starter – she knows how to take a project from start to finish!

To reach Julia Holman, and to see her resume, please contact me by private message at roc.ojt.weekly@gmail.com

To learn more about OJT Tulsa, go to=>  OJTTulsa.org  Find 40-50 highly qualified Tulsa professionals are transitioning in their work, and how you can take advantage of their skill sets for your business.  Look for another OJT Highlight on my blog each week!

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Your Database:  Gold Brick or Gold Bar?

Residing deep inside your customer database are these groups of customers, prospects, and people who were added for a whole variety of reasons.  You might use your database or more affectionately known as your CRM, to look up contact name when you need to call or email them.

They were added perhaps because they stopped by your booth last year for your free giveaway (btw – thanks for the free t-shirt, I sleep in it every week!), and chances are that your sales team followed up maybe once by phone or email to the tens or hundreds of leads, with no success in response.  Well, at least you didn’t have to see all those people grab your sway and run, and hey, you only needed five (5) good contacts to justify the road trip.

Today, I bring you really good news about what was left in your database as a “gold brick,” and how to turn it into a “gold bar,” of rich fortune and great value of business relationship and sales.  Turn your attention to ‘making gold’ from your database  . . .

Often when speaking with small business owners about marketing to grow their businesses, they unfortunately only hear ‘sales,’ until they hear a storyline from me.  Stories of current or even former customers telling them that they want to buy, but are not given an opportunity to do so.  This is true in non-profits and for-profits alike.

Although I agree sales are one of the most important tactics within a whole integrated marketing system, it is just that, one very important tactic.  As you have heard argued many times, “nothing happens until something gets sold,” however the process in which the product or service gets sold is often driven by marketing tactics to build the necessary customer journey to make the sales happen…  to turn your customers’ data into profits for you.  Are you ready for it?

But back inside the database, the information on customers, prospects, suspects, and others is jailed and locked up for many years to come, or the business collapses.  There is gold in your database that needs to be released to your bottom-line.

Here are 3 Things to get you started:

  1.  Do A Customer Analysis

–          Run a report if you can on who the customer’s area, what did they buy from you, when did they buy, where did they buy, how many times did they buy from you, how often did they buy from you, and how much did they buy from you.  Having these answers will allow much to be done for you!

–          Imagine, being able to clearly identify the avatar of your customers and their patterns, to target real messages that they will respond.  This way you can target your best kind of customers, with the best message and just turn the business spigot on, off, down or up as needed.

  1. Define the Impact of Each Customer Segment

–          As I have seen in non-profits or for-profits over 35 years, the Pareto principle is known as the 80/20 rule or the law of vital few.  The same applies to your database.  80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.  However, in the 20% or the 80%, there are different levels of motivation, need, urgency, and desire.  Obviously, the income impact of the 20% of clients is certainly one to investigate at the deeper level, so you can better understand how to find more of these customers.  Do you know your 20-percenters, your 10-percenters, your 5-percenters or even your 1-percenters?  Each segment may need something different from you to buy again!

  1. Ride the Customer Journey

–          Every customer segment or avatar goes on a “marketing and sales” journey with you and your product or service.  But it needs to be about them.  A friend of mine, decades ago called it a “You-Focus.”  The journey has to be all about them, as it relates to your product or service.  All messaging is about their journey and the after effects or outcomes that bring complete satisfaction.

My experience and observations with databases and the Pareto Principle of a “vital few” come to this:   it produces the majority of the outcomes you love … greater revenues and more profits!

To learn more about how to pull the gold out of your database, please contact me on LinkedIn or email me at coltmanmarketing@gmail.com.

Rick Coltman

CEO/ Chief Marketing Strategist

Coltman Consulting Group, LLC


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New Launch – New Direction

If you are here, it is because you were redirected from ColtmanConsultingGroup.com or ColtmanMarketing.com, and for very good reasons!

Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new direction in my personal work toward driving and growing other small businesses, like myself, in what I do best, “Strategic Marketing.” Marketing done strategically equals more profitable money because of the return-on-strategy yields a better return.

Is your struggle with profitable marketing? Are you not seeing the return-on-strategy or return-on-investment that you were hoping for in your efforts? Let’s talk about it!

Your offer, if you choose to receive it, is to call me at (918) 407-6303 (Tulsa) or (847) 530-2400 (Chicago), and receive a free 30-minute session to assess your situation!

Now, if you are local to Tulsa, I would prefer to meet in person, because so much more can be accomplished in the 30-minutes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Do You Like Going To The Doctor?

You woke today with a bad head cold, and a terrible sore throat. Not a good way to start the day!

Day 2: Your head is worse, and so is your throat. Your thoughts unfocused because of what you took last night, but no relief. Perhaps, you think, you need something stronger.

End of the Day Dilemna: Should you go to an Urgent Care facility, to sit in a waiting room for a couple hours with other sick people, whom you know nothing about what they have, to just be seen by a doctor. You feel horrible!

You finally get called, and you are usher you to a private room to wait, yet another hour, for the nurse, and then the doctor to step through the door. They take five minutes or less to diagnose that you have a bad sore throat and strep. They write you a prescription, and send you home.

One problem still comes to mind. You don’t feel any better than you did many hours ago, but relief appears to be in sight. However, now you are off to the pharmacy to fill the order. How long will this take?

Pretty common scenario for most. It’s no wonder we wait so long to go see someone about how we feel. If possible, would there be a way to change this scenario?  And being presented an option, would have taken it?

Leave me a comment, and I will tell you how.

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Craving Trust – Even at Work

Often, I hear in the marketplace that people still do business with those they know, like, and trust.  You’ve experienced it, but can you explain it?  You meet someone at a business event, a restaurant, or even on LinkedIN, and they make the request to connect.  However, it is not always clear on how to proceed, and even if you want to engage in this new connection, or let alone, a new business relationship.  Why?  Trust is earned, and the timing and speed vary on you.

Dan Kennedy and Shawn Buck in the book, “No BS Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention,” state that as humans we crave trust.  We need trust, but it needs to come with a sense of safety and security.  Trust allow us to have relationships, and what we have found in coaching business owners and senior leadership, that trust in organizations among colleagues becomes the #1 long term, sustaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.  How well do you and your people work together?  How’s your trust with each other?  Others are watching.

The power of trust allows you to become a provider of a safe haven, a secure refuge or a real connection with a person that can go a long way.  Even in customer retention, or stimulating referrals, on the external efforts, the internal efforts in collaboration with those whom you choose to work takes this trust as well.   We all want to trust, but how’s it where you work?

Leadership and building trust needs to be purposeful to make an impact difference.  Take 60 seconds to think “What have I done today to give trust to someone else and create a safe place for them to trust me?”  Let me know your thoughts with your comments or email me directly.  I want to hear from you.

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IRS Finds Identity Theft Very Taxing

The Reported Breach

It’s now been two weeks since the IRS came out with a report that the breach to 700,000 tax return records was doubled than they first suspected. Although first discovered in May 2015, those hackers are eleven months into destroying the lives of very innocent people.  In addition, these hackers also made attempts to access over 600,000 IRS records on private information for taxpayers.  I hope you were not a victim, yet!

After The Fact

You should be happy to know that the IRS is providing identity theft protection to those people, AFTER THE FACT. (Oops, to late to protect you, but if you needed identity protection, they are providing it for you.)  The suspected Russian hackers will seek those with the best credit, and greatest opportunity for a return-on-hacking-investment.

Not IF, But When

After working for background screening for a few years, I can say that most people do not know how close they are to having their identity stolen, and that just starts the nightmare. It’s only a matter of “when,” not “if,” your identity will be breached.  You are feeling quite safe right now, right?

Learn more about protecting yourself!

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Finding Clarity in One Purpose

Recently, I have enjoyed reading a great book on clarity in your one purpose.  Author Gary Keller (of the Keller Williams Real Estate fame) has brought solid purpose for me in his recent book, The ONE Thing.

I need to train myself for specific daily actions in doing the right things, really the one thing, that will make a long term difference for me.  It takes selected discipline.  In fact, Keller cites that it takes 66 days of consistent action on something for it to become a new habit, destroying the 21-day myth.

However, it is about deciding what is the right habit before trying to acquire it.  The struggle in forming new habits is the front-end stress to keep pressing forward until the stress is gone.  Will the stress relief come at day 21 (perhaps not), day 41, day 56 or wait until day 66?  The bigger question is will you commit to persevering in pain or not to reach the end?

66 Day Challenge

Over two months of consistent action, can it be done?  Keller encouraged me that it can be done ONE day at a time, focusing on the ONE Thing each day.  Here’s just a tip from Mr. Keller (only because we have never met, and I have come to respect his real estate work, another book he had wrote previously, the book.)

Tip:  Get to the most important ONE Thing done EARLY in your work each day, no matter how long it takes!

Gary Keller’s challenge question:  Ask you yourself, “What’s the ONE Thing I can do today such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

More later on this . . . please visit again!

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